Aperativo break at the Venice Carnival


I wasn’t able to make it to the Venice Carnival this year as I’m in a play and can’t miss the rehearsals. So, I’m post photos from previous years instead.

I love the expression on the gentleman’s face on the left. He doesn’t look too happy. Maybe his wig is itching him, or he’s wishing he was drinking an Aperol Spritz like his companion. I felt a bit like a time traveller watching them both anyhow – was it really the 21st century?!!! The wonderful thing about Venice is that the backdrop looks so historic, and there are no cars, so once people step into period costume you really can start to believe that you have stepped back in time.

Weekly photo challenge: purple


This week’s entry for the weekly photo challenge was taken at this year’s Venice carnival – a wonderful treat for photographers, especially as I was blessed with clear blue skies on the day that I visited.


At the carnival, Venice


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to spend a day at the Venice carnival. I took so many photos of the wonderful participants that I feel sure this will be the first of many that I include on this blog.