Aperativo break at the Venice Carnival


I wasn’t able to make it to the Venice Carnival this year as I’m in a play and can’t miss the rehearsals. So, I’m post photos from previous years instead.

I love the expression on the gentleman’s face on the left. He doesn’t look too happy. Maybe his wig is itching him, or he’s wishing he was drinking an Aperol Spritz like his companion. I felt a bit like a time traveller watching them both anyhow – was it really the 21st century?!!! The wonderful thing about Venice is that the backdrop looks so historic, and there are no cars, so once people step into period costume you really can start to believe that you have stepped back in time.

I spotted a unicorn


Venice Carnival-7Today was the last day of the Venice Carnival. The city will seem like a very different place without seeing people dressed up in various costumes covering the whole gamet from hilarious to outragious, surreal or just plain exquisite. It felt like only yesterday that I was cooing along with everyone else at the spectacle of the flight of the angel and yet here we were today gathered again in St. Mark’s Square to witness the Flight of the Lion – the official closing event of the carnival involving a huge flag unfurled over St Mark’s Square; patriotic music and much ticker tape. Just as the ceremony finished the wind picked up and it felt that a storm was coming in – which seemed a fitting end, as if it was blowing away the carnival.

Before calling it a wrap I took some atmospheric shots without flash to capture the mysterious nature of the carnival at night. I caught a fleeting glance of a winged unicorn running along a piazza (these things tend to happen in Venice) and found the photographs that I took to be eerily beautiful, like paintings from a carnival of old. What do you think? Is it just my imagination or does the one featured look like an old, cracked oil painting?

And don’t think I’m totally through with the carnival just yet. I will be picking out my favourite pictures and posting them here to keep the spirit of it all alive for just a bit longer…

Venice promenader

Venice Carnival-3


Taking a photograph of someone in costume along the Venice waterfront at sunset is a bit of a carnival cliché I know. But I  like the symmetry of her mask reflecting the dome of the church and the way her outfit mirrors the colours of the sky.

Three Venice Carnival pictures

For a change I’m posting three photos, taken earlier this evening in Venice, for the  wordpress weekly photo challenge: Threes