Out of hibernation

Summer came to town yesterday!!! Just as the trees were putting on their new green jackets we were all stripping off the layers and I was basking in the sun wondering if I was already in the South of France? Oh, did I mention that that’s where I’m heading next week – just for a few days in Nice followed by, drum roll, my first Cannes film festival experience?!

In case you’re wondering how that came about, well ostensibly I’ll be supporting my partner, Fred, who will have a couple of films there that he’s worked on. I know what you’re thinking and, yes, it’s just one of those tiresome things you have to do for someone you love. I could be doing something much more interesting instead – like sitting on a crowded underground train, painting my bathroom or unblocking the drains, but it is my duty to be there for him – on the red carpet if needs be; or even at that cocktail party on the beach. Sigh!

Not convinced that I would drop everything for love to endure sunshine, sand and celebrity soirees in the south of France?  Well, actually I may well be doing my own little bit of networking there, as I’ve also taken a bit of a cinematic detour myself over the past year. Yes, I admit it. I’ve been neglecting important duties like this blog because I’ve been caught up in the intoxicating world of movie making. More precisely I’ve been dabbling in stills photography; publicity shots; premieres and actors’ portfolio pictures.

It’s been a lot of fun – especially getting an insight into the process of a film being made. One documentary that I worked on meant leaving London just as winter was taking a grip, to spend two months in Paris and Rome photographing the likes of Roman Polanski and Wes Anderson. I do keep making these sacrifices I’m telling you!

Anyway darlings, my shrink (everyone in the movie business has one don’t ya know) tells me that I need to keep things real and not neglect my original fans just because I’m now mingling with celebrities (well not exactly, but I did go to Tom Hanks film premiere last week, does that count?) So, I’m picking up the blog again – just to keep my feet on the ground and because, joking aside, what’s the point of taking photos if no-one sees them?

So, hello, is anyone still out there??? For anyone that may still lingering on, here’s a sunrise photo taken in Miami earlier this year. Well, it’s a new dawn after all…












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