The Boy with the Balloon (in colour)


I found out yesterday that this photo has been selected for a photography exhibition in Bristol. The judge is a winner of the Deutsche Borse photography prize (considered the most prestigious European photography award) so I was pretty chuffed that he considered my image worthy of inclusion.

I’ve previously included a monochrome version of the photo on the blog: but to celebrate I thought I’d now include the original, which is how it will appear in the exhibition.


7 thoughts on “The Boy with the Balloon (in colour)

  1. Another excellent photo Eleanor; great composition and full of social content. Love the mirrored hand in the projected boy’s shadow, like trying to reach dad’s attention. Very well deserved the exhibition inclusion, congrats!

  2. Eleanor, congratulation. That is wonderful that this great image gets the recognition it and you deserve. Design wise it has a very nice “V” shape. Some would argue that the white trash item at the top of the stairs should have been removed because it is a distraction. I would disagree, it expands the “V” to each side of the image to create a triangle. Again, congratulations.

    1. Hi Tim, funnily enough I was thinking the same thing about the piece of rubbish – should it be removed or does it complete the V. In the end I decided on the latter. I’m glad you agree that I made the right choice! Thanks for the nice feedback.

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