Colours and shadows


DSCF3510-4It was a glorious evening earlier so I took a quick stroll along the South Bank to practise some camera settings – in a bid to get those colours even more vibrant, and those shadows even more intense. It was probably hit and miss, but if you don’t try these things out you don’t develop.
















6 thoughts on “Colours and shadows

  1. Wonderful sets of photos Eleanor; gorgeous color and contrast. I like them all but, specially, three of them: 1) The first one; for its great composition (perfect for this week photo challenge “Silhouette”. 2) The 4th; the one of the bridge with the dome, towers and streetlight poles; the light, shapes and textures are amazing. 3) The second to last one; Not only the composition having the girl from her back (I especially like this type of photos) but the detail of the flip-flop sole, as reinforcing the message, it’s the icing on the cake. This is, for sure, which I like the most. Good exercise, congrats again!

    1. Thanks as always for the comments Jaime. It’s proving a useful exercise posting multiple photographs, and it’s always nice to get instant feedback for photos which I shot just a few hours earlier! Actually, I nearly didn’t post the picture of the girl on the slide as I would have preferred her without the boy in front of her. So your feedback is useful because it shows that things that I think are an issue aren’t necessarily so for the viewer. So, thanks again!

      1. Well, in that respect, you are right; it would be perfect having only the girl but I would have also taken the picture. Maybe for other porpoise it is not proper to submit it but, for this one, it’s ok!

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