Colours of Columbia Road


On Sunday I organised a photography excursion for my female photography group to Columbia Road flower market. This is such a great location for photos because not only do you get to see the flowers of course, but also so many interesting people – from the die hard Eastenders to the ‘hipsters’ that have invaded this part of town and of course people flock from all over the world. Then there are the buskers and the cools cafes and the lovely shops selling handmade or vintage produce.

With all this around me, naturally I made sure I found time to whip out my own camera! I’ll share some photos here this week, including some people posts and more flower pictures. But first I wouldn’t to give you an idea of the vibrancy of the market, even on an overcast Sunday morning with a whiff of autumn in the are









DSCF2213 DSCF2223-2 DSCF2296-2 DSCF2299-2 DSCF2388-2 DSCF2395-2 DSCF2446-2 DSCF2501-2 DSCF2711-2 DSCF2783-2 DSCF2829-2 DSCF2842-2 DSCF2866-2 DSCF2875-2


6 thoughts on “Colours of Columbia Road

  1. Wonderful set of colorful photos Eleanor. The one of the tartlets hit my stomach (provocative!), but another one hit my heart and artistic vain; guess which one?!

      1. Well, that is an interesting and beautiful one, but I’m really talking about the one of the dress hanging along on the graffiti wall. That’s a magnificent image; how many stories could it tell!

      2. Well, that would have been my second choice! Someone else had just told me he loved the purple hat one so I guess that threw me. But yes, I like the dress on the graffiti back drop too – I guess it could make a good book cover :-)

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