Siblings in the doorway


This wasn’t the easiest photograph to take because the boy is in the shadows while his sister stands in a stream of light flooding in through the doorway. But there was something about their expressions – a mixture of mournfulness and faint fascination; their seemingly subconscious holding of hands, and the beauty of the light catching their faces and clothes, that compelled me to capture them.

I admit to having had a fascination with this little girl, so she popped up in a few of my photographs that day (even though I was really supposed to be photographing the final stages of a wedding). I have previously published another one which I’m repeating here, along with some others that I’m rather partial to:





I think that there is a poignancy to such a beautiful young thing in a poor Indian village wearing her misplaced party dress. She will doubtlessly wear it every day until it becomes even more worn and faded than it is now. It is one of those cruel Cinderella twists in this strange upside down world – that the girl who looks so beautiful, even in a raggedly old party dress, is the one that will probably never get to go to the ball.


6 thoughts on “Siblings in the doorway

  1. Oh, Eleanor, this set of wonderful photos can be a perfect approach to a photographic essay on Indian child poverty. But, for heaven’s shake, that amazing second picture could easily tell the whole story is perfect!

    1. Thanks Jaime! I’m glad you think the photos are powerful enough to tell such a story. I have more pictures of children from that village so maybe I can put something together for that purpose.

  2. They are trying to get the rid of poverty, but the slowness of the mission is just an issue! will get better by time.. Hoping for the best. :)

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