I’m not sure if this gentleman was aware that a cat was sleeping under his bed, and if it belonged there or had just wandered off the street to enjoy some shade. But it made a nice scene – especially as cats, unlike dogs, were not a common sight during my explorations of Varanasi.

Apart from the light which is spotlighting both figures, I think what makes the picture is the echo of grey – from the man’s mop of hair to the cat immediately below, and the fact that your eye is drawn there by his hand pointing downwards. It’s nice when things randomly come together to create a harmonious image.


2 thoughts on “Bedfellows

  1. You are completely right Eleanor; everything you’ve described is what really makes it a great picture; the rest is needless and distracting, I’d crop it!

    1. Thanks for the feedback jaime. I tried cropping it a couple of ways but I admit I also like the repetition of the pink – from the cloth to the shutters and pipes and even some of the floor stones, so I’ve kept some of that in but tightened it a bit. I hope that helps!

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