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I saw another documentary about Vivian Maier last night – which I highly recommend for anyone else who is as entranced by her work as I am:

I feel sure that if Vivian had been walking along London’s South Bank the evening before, as I was, and had stumbled across this unexpected hospital scene by the river, she would have wanted to capture it too. The lady, who just happened to be in vintage dress, was engrossed in her phone. But she looked up for a fraction of a second; and so I stole the moment. I like to think that Vivian was cheering from the sidelines.



10 thoughts on “The tweeter

    1. Yes, that is sad – I feel that what we have seen is just the tip of the iceberg too. I went to see the film documentary again last night, just to see some of her incredible photos blown up on the big screen again as much as anything. The more I learn about her the more her story both haunts and enchants me in equal measures. I’m so sad that such an extraordinary and talented person lived in loneliness and poverty; but so excited by her work – partly because of the response that it creates in people. It is proof that good photography can move us as powerfully as, for example, a beautiful piece of music can. And that really excites and inspires me!

      1. “Haunts and enchants” is the perfect way to put it! Some of the most gifted people in history within the arts have lived lonely and troubled lives. Perhaps our generation is fortunate that we can connect so much more easily with other creative people here online. We’re all inspiring and supporting one another :-)

      2. Yes, you’re so right – it helps that we have a platform to share our work and get feedback, and to encourage each other so we don’t feel so alone and unsure about whether we are doing anything of any worth. I’ve decided that I’m going to start providing links to blogs that I like and I’ll make sure I include yours :-)

      3. Thanks Eleanor :-) I keep meaning to do a “links” page for people to find many different styles of photography but also to some of the artists who’ve inspired me over the years. I love the diversity here on WordPress :-)

      4. I’ve just gone down the easy route and added the ‘blogs I follow’ widget for now. But I will have to review it as aesthetically it’s not great as my photos on the home page are now pushed over to the left. Shame :-(

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