Woman with street mural, Kathmandu



I’ve been digging in the recent archives again and have unearthed this photograph that I took in Kathmandu. Most of my street photography happens by chance – it’s a case of seeing something and frantically setting the camera and pressing the shutter button in time if I’m lucky . Other times, I see an opportunity and think “Let’s just wait”. When I saw this mural I just knew that I had to wait for the right person to come past to get my shot. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as you can imagine because it was an incredibly busy street in Kathmandu in Nepal. But I was pleased with this shot and think that it works. I love it when the background is a reflection of the main point of focus, and in this case there are many parallels between the woman and the mural – from the echo of colours to the subdued expressions on their faces. I’m not saying that it’s a perfect composition but, given the circumstances I’m pleased with it.


8 thoughts on “Woman with street mural, Kathmandu

  1. Hi there,
    I absolutely love this photo! The vibrant colors here are so interesting and also I kind of feel like the juxtaposition between the traditional dress of the lady and the rather modern styled mural adds another level to it. Can’t wait to read/see more from you :)
    Lillian x

  2. This is a fantastic shot Eleanor! It happens to me that the main point of focus is not the woman but the mural; so, in this case, I feel the background is not the reflection of the main point of focus but the contrary, and that is, precisely, what fascinates me. Congrats again!

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