A poignant message


I had been out taking photographs of graffiti in London’s East End and spotted this homeless guy pausing underneath a huge billboard advertising the Tea Gallery. I only had a split second to take the photo in-between the traffic before he moved on but I knew I had to capture it because it seemed such a powerful message. If anyone needs tea and sympathy it’s a homeless person.

I’m not saying it’s the greatest picture I’ve ever taken, but if anyone knows of anyone that may wish to have free use of the image for charitable purposes relating to homelessness please pass it on or get in touch.


2 thoughts on “A poignant message

  1. No doubt it’s a great catch Eleanor (especially for the situation you were when got it); truly poignant. Though, honestly, there’s something in the image that bother me, make feel uncomfortable, and doesn´t let me enjoy it. I think it’s the word “need”. Just trying to explain what I mean, would it be the same feeling if would say “deserve” or “I offer you”? Anyway, it is a great photo; precisely, because it’s able to produce those strong sensations!

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