The instinctive artists


This photo is dedicated to Tim, a follower of my blog who has kindly fed back to me many times on my photos – reassuring me that there is an audience out there! More precisely it is dedicated to Tim’s wife, whom he says has been known to hang out her washing in specific colours and shapes to create an art installation. Thankfully she recognised the artist within herself when doing this because she went on to put on a public art show involving a washing line that people could rearrange as they chose. You can read about it in his comments to a recent post.

Washing lines and window displays are two examples of ‘street art’ that are persistent in Venice. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I love the city so much – because the Venetians turn hanging out the washing or decorating shop windows into such an exquisite art form that there is beauty all around you wherever you go.  In fact I’m sure the message on the window is a nod to the fact that dressing a window in Venice is no ordinary task; it is the work of an artist.

I included the lady in the photo because I think it makes it appear as if the window is talking to her, saying “Why aren’t you appreciating what has been created here?!!!!”


5 thoughts on “The instinctive artists

  1. Hi Margo, thanks for the feedback. You should be able to just scroll down, then when you get to the bottom choose ‘Older posts’ and it will bring up more photos. If you want to view a particular photo individually then click on the title and it will bring it up. (I’ll see if there is a way of including the instructions in my posts to help guide people). Take care!

  2. Eleanor, I so enjoy your Venetian photos. I would love to buy an album of them if you are producing one.
    Yesterday I attended a talk at the Oxford Literary Festival Italian Day. It was by Polly Coles who read excerpts from her book ,The Politics of Washing : Real Life In Venice. We are due to set off in our motorhome and hope to get to Venice.
    Cherrie Harris, Bampton.

    1. Hi Cherrie, how wonderful that you attended a talk on Venice, with reference to washing no less! I will definitely be getting that book when I get back. I could do a whole album of Venetian washing line photos alone! I’ll let you know if I publish something – I was thinking of putting together a joint Venice/Varanasi book as there are so many similarities between the two cities, and I have spent ample time in both. Plus both names start with a ‘V’ so that’s reason enough! Enjoy your Italian travels – I hope you do get to Venice (I can give you a list of lots of special cichetti places that I’ve discovered if you do).

    1. You’re welcome Tim! Thank you for all the thoughtful comments you’ve taken the trouble to make over the past few months. I really appreciate the support! You’re helping people to see the artist within themselves by being so supportive.

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