5 thoughts on “Venetian washing

    1. Wow, what a great idea – I always think of washing lines as a form of ‘pop up’ art and am fascinated by them. In fact I was just thinking today about how you probably never get an exact repeat of a washing line because the chances of someone hanging out the same items in the same order is very unlikely, which makes it more fascinating because it’s a one day only production! I feel a bit guilty sometimes and try not to photograph them when anyone is looking because it does seem like I’m prying into the private life of the people living in the building! But it’s so hard to resist because they look so darned beautiful and fascinating, especially when they are dancing in the breeze and seem to come to life. I took some today of some really high up which made a bed cover looked like a flying carpet. Venice is the home of washing lines so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more pictures of them! Thanks for sharing your wife’s great project. I bet it was really popular.

      1. Thank you for your complements. People did participate and it was fun to record the changes.
        You are correct, there is a degree of privacy implied. My wife tells me that when she would hang out the wash when she was still living at home she would organize the wash by colors and shapes to create an installation.
        Most of Asia does not use dryers so hang clothes out to dry is a way of life, In Taiwan people use clothes hangers to dry shirts and other items. These and other clothes hand from small balconies and secured window boxes. Some use these as closets.Kowloon, across the bay from Hong Kong was one of the great hanging wash areas. I’ve not been back in years so I don’t know how much has changed.
        Do you have the links to those photos you took of the wash?

      2. How wonderful – your wife is obviously a natural artist! I was going to post another photo of a washing line for you, but then I remembered a great quote that I saw on a shop window today so I’m posting that instead – it in honour of your wife who is an artist even when she is hanging out her washing! (But don’t worry I will post more washing pictures – in fact I’m probably heading back to the Castello area tomorrow because that’s where the best ‘laundry pop-up art installations’ are!)

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