Weekly photo challenge: Abandoned

Venice Carnival-20a

This little ‘lion cub’ looks like he has been abandoned amongst the crowd at the Venice carnival celebrations. Actually he was very safe and seemed to be in heaven amongst the streamers and confetti and the street band playing in the sunshine. I was in heaven too capturing his movements. I would love to give the pictures to his parents (who had not abandoned him by any means and were standing by keeping an eye on him!) I gave the father my business card and am hoping they will get in touch.

Here’s the full story of his escapades (see photos below). I love the look on the mother’s face –  it seems that she too is moved by watching her adorable little son during this precious time in his young history. It’s being able to capture beautiful scenes like this that makes me so happy to be a photographer!

(I have, ahem, edited this post after the parents did to my delight get in touch and I discovered that it is a little boy called Levante and not a girl as I had wrongly assumed. Sorry Levante, but you just look so darned cute!)

Posted for the weekly photo challenge


16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Abandoned

  1. Ciao!
    We are mom and dad of the little lion cub.
    we really enjoyed your post. Thanks for the nice pictures.
    The little puppy is our son Levante. Do not worry about it mistaken for a girl because already happened a couple of times!

    we like to see Levante explore the world around him without interfering too much in his discoveries. and it seems that you’ve captured that moment!

    a warm greeting from all of us!
    Betty, Martino and Levante

    1. Ciao, firstly I’m very sorry for thinking that Levante was a little girl – I will change the wording! And thank you for getting in touch, I’m so glad you did and that you like the post. Would you like me to send you copies of the photos? I’m sure I have more. He was so enchanting and the light was so wonderful that I couldn’t stop myself from photographing him. It was a beautiful moment seeing him there in the middle of the crowd in his own content little world (and I loved the streamers wrapped around his feet, which he seemed oblivious to!) My email address is eleanormarriott@yahoo.co.uk Please email me if you would like high resolution copies and I would be happy to send them to you. (He seems like a very special little character, I’m sure you are very proud of him!) Grazie! Eleanor

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