Colourful diya


I must be suffering the January blues because I seem to be craving bright colours at the moment. Maybe it’s because this time last year I was about to fly to India.

Looking at this ‘diya’ should help – in fact I can almost smell the summery scent of those rose petals as I type. A diya is an offering made to Ma Ganga (the Ganges river god) which is often given during Aarti – the Hindu religion ceremony of worship.  As you can see, this form of puja, or offering, generally consists of a simple leaf bowl cradling a smaller terracotta bowl filled with a wax candle, which rests in a nest of colourful flowers. The end result is so pretty that I used to find it hard to light mine and let it float away; I wanted to take it home with me instead. But I think I would have been considered very strange and disrespectful if I had done so; in fact it is even sacrilege to smell the petals as that scent is reserved for the gods. Oh well, at least I still get to look at it and enjoy it here.


2 thoughts on “Colourful diya

  1. Eleanor, as usual I really like the striking contrast between the red flower petals and the blue background. Was the blue background everywhere there or did you find it and move the diya?

    1. Hi Tim, sorry for not responding sooner – I have been a photography convention in London which has been keeping me busy! I placed them on the blue background as I wanted the contrast between the blue and the red.

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