Portrait of a young boy


A couple of days I posted a photograph of a schoolboy looking away from the camera, which seemed to receive a positive response. I said at the time that I liked the photograph because the boy wasn’t looking at the camera. Just to confuse you I’m now posting a photograph of a little boy who is staring right at the camera with a piercing gaze.

Both, I feel are successful portraits – but for different reasons. What makes this photograph strong, in my opinion, is that the boy’s head is slightly lowered, which makes it more interesting than someone just looking straight at the camera. Also, it’s all about the light! There is a fairly dark background but the sunlight is spotlighting him, making his arresting stare even more pronounced.

And naturally it is about the boy too. Not only is he photogenic but he has a powerful, confident presence – which makes an interesting contrast to all the cute pictures of toddlers I think.


2 thoughts on “Portrait of a young boy

  1. Eleanor have you produced any books of your photographs, cards and/ or pictures to frame ? Do let me know if so. Happy Christmas, Cherrie.

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hi Cherrie, thanks very much for your interest! I’m working on a new website whereby people will be able to buy prints and gift cards on-line. But I can also print direct for local orders. If you have any particular requests just let me know. Have a lovely Christmas! Best wishes

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