Weekly photo challenge: One

IMG_9507 copy copy

When I look at many of the photos that I took in India it fills me heart with joy – especially if the capture involves people (particularly children) or animals. This boy asked me to take his photograph (as many children do in India). I love the fact that I caught him before he looked at the camera, because the happiness looks so much more real and natural I think.

I like to think that photos such as this happy, healthy boy on his way to school help to readjust the impression that people who do not live in so-called ‘Western society’ are less happy or fortunate. In many ways it may well be the opposite to what people assume.

Not all my photos are happy ones but it is very uplifting when I do post these natural unforced smiling shots!

Posted for the weekly photo challenge


24 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: One

  1. Lovely photo, Eleanor, one that puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees it, I don’t doubt. I think happiness is not tied to material goods and “things”. They can both make life easier and more difficult. Happiness has to come from something inside. Have a wonderful, happy Christmas.


    1. Thanks Galen. I like your contemplative picture very much so you’re compliment means a lot. Funnily enough yours is the first other duotone website I’ve come across – and that was the theme I was using until yesterday. I don’t know if I made the right decision in changing (and I can always change back) but I wanted to give people easier access to previous posts. I miss the complementary colours though :-(

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