Food on the go


I should label this my sister post to Fading Colours as if you look carefully you will see that it is the same house in the background. It was taken on a different occasions, hence the lighter colours this time because it was later in the day. I prefer the richer tones in the previous photograph, but I love this wallah passing by with his portable stall – so both pictures have special qualities for me.

Should somebody stop the wallah to buy whatever he is selling he will set the wicker stand on the floor; put the tray on top to form a table, proceed to assemble the dish from the various ingredients, pass it over, relieve you of a few rupees and be on his way. It always amazes me how they set up these instant kitchens right in front of you. I would even see chai wallahs walking around with little tin teapots, often with a miniature gas stove attached to it, so that your brew will be served steaming hot. Who says you can’t get convenience food in India?!


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