Varanasi mural


I was fortunate enough to observe this talented young artist painting the above mural in Varanasi on one of my many ghat strolls. The ghats are filled with wonderful street-art like this – I even met an English graffiti artist at work on one another day. I don’t think he was Banksy though…

Update: I’ve just found out, thanks to a photograph of the finished mural featured on the ‘Incredible Varanasi’ facebook page that the speech bubble says “Every woman is a goddess”. Wonderful! And how appropriate that it was painted by a woman.

10 thoughts on “Varanasi mural

    • Thanks for re-blogging this on your great blog Lakshmi Loves to Shop (which I’m now following). At first this photo wasn’t getting a lot of love – but today it’s got lost of likes – I’ve a feeling your re-blog has got something to do with that!

  1. I get so much pleasure in seeing your photographs,they are amazing,particularly these Indian ones with their vibrant colours and the unusual subjects.
    Thank you so much for sharing them.

    • Yes it is isn’t it – she’s a talented young lady. I love your gravatar picture by the way! I have just been checking out your blog and am very excited for you moving to India, and marrying there too! I shall follow your blog and look forward to hearing all about it. I have fallen in love with the wedding dress pictures you posted – makes me want to find myself an Indian husband too :-)

      • Thank you so much! I am moving in 9 days… I just cannot wait!

        I love the photos that you post on your blog so much! Thank you so much for following my blog!

        Maybe I am extremely biased but Indians make the best husbands haha!! I hope you are well!! Take care

      • Wow, the day after Boxing Day – that’s great! Enjoy your new life – and write about it! Your blog already sounds like a novel and your enthusiasm for India is infectious. You will have an insight into Indian life that most Western visitors don’t experience, so share it and maybe there will be a book in it some day! (Thanks for your appreciation of my photographs – I hope they help make the wait until your flight a little more bearable!)

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