Back in Italy!


It was tough getting on a plane to leave India, but made easier knowing that I had a couple of photography jobs lined up that would take me back to Tuscany in Italy.

So here I am back again in my favourite European country after nearly a year’s absence, feeling thankful that nothing has changed. The Tuscan sun is still as glorious as ever; the olive trees, vineyards and wheat fields are still stunning; and the food and wine hasn’t lost any of its wonderful flavours.  With so much blissfulness I’ve a feeling there could be more airport tears coming up…

(Incidentally, returning to European soil doesn’t mean an end to my Indian posts – I will have the major task of cataloguing all the Indian and Nepalese photographs once my Italian jobs are completed, and no doubt posting my favourites along the way!)

4 thoughts on “Back in Italy!

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  2. Hi Eleanor, i like to read you are very happy being back in Italy, i think how it feels to be back in your favourite country :-). I hope you have a wonderful time there and please show us some nice pictures you make so we can be a little part of your visit, lots of love from me Petra

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