Happy woman in Madhya Pradesh


This lady was busy making upala – cow dung patties – when I asked if could take her photo. As you can see from her face, she didn’t mind at all!

Incidentally, upala are are used in abundance as cooking fuel in India, and also to cover the walls of adobe houses. (The more I learn about the many uses of the produce of cow in this country the more I realise why these animals are considered so sacred – after all even their poo is a very useful product!)



2 thoughts on “Happy woman in Madhya Pradesh

  1. And your photos just keep on getting better, Eleanor. When I was in Africa I had the choice between plastering a hut with dung or thatching a roof. Guess which one I chose. :) Margo

    1. Thanks Margo! Gosh, I’m not sure I’d want to thatch a roof so I think I’d probably go for the dung option. I hope you’re well and enjoying the fall colours. Are you going to be sailing this season?

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