Canine obstruction



Here’s another photo from Guru Shrikar. I took a few photographs of people walking down the steps at the top of the temple as I sat drinking a cup of chai (in fact I felt slightly bad about it – like a sniper with my camera, waiting to pick off targets. But no-one complained and I also had people taking photos of me, and others asking to have their photographs taken with me, or for me to take their photo – so I think it all evened out in the end!) Anyway, this photo made me smile because the dog stopped these three women in their tracks and they didn’t quite what to do about this obstacle in front of them, especially when she started sniffing their feet.

It was actually quite a fussy dog – she had a small puppy and looked hungry so I bought a packet of biscuits from the chai stall for them, but both turned their nose up at the biscuits – maybe their fed up with tourists giving them then and wanted something a bit more meaty (not that they had a chance of that in this very holy Hindi site).

Back to the ladies in the sarees – I love the bold colours of the sarees in Rajasthan, and likewise the big turbans that the men wear in bright orange, red or even pink. I’m discovering that there is something very distinctive about this state and its people in many ways. It’s a very special place that somehow manages to be untainted by tourism, in spite of being the most popular state for foreign tourists to visit. I’m really glad I came!





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