Praying for coins


Here’s another shot to pull at the heart strings. This little boy (I thought it was a girl at first but when I got close I realised it was a boy) was sitting by a really busy, polluted road junction in Kathmandu, in the prayer position while people practically walked over him and, if he was lucky, occasionally dropped a coin in his little pot.

What a horrible existence for the poor little thing. It stopped me in my tracks to see him. I didn’t give him any money because I don’t know who he is working for and I don’t want to encourage childhood begging, but I wanted to give him something, so I bought him a bunch of bananas. When I handed him the bag his little face lit up even though he didn’t know what was in it – I guess a moment of human interaction and kindness makes a difference when you’re just looking at people’s feet all day.

There is a paper kite shop around the corner from where I live and Nepalese kids seem to love flying kites, so I’d love to go back and give him one, but I’m scared that it will be taken away from him and it will upset him even more. So I may just have to settle with a few balloons for him to discreetly put in his pocket and save for later.

I hope if karma really does exist, that this little boy’s next life turns out to be a lot easier than this one!


3 thoughts on “Praying for coins

  1. Oh, he is so little. Someone must have placed him there by the way the plastic is tied around his neck. I hope he ate all the bananas himself. That was very smart of you, Eleanor, to realize if you gave him a kite, it might be taken away from him. I probably would not have thought of that. -margo

    1. Hi Margo, yes I think he was placed there and I think he was also deliberately dressed to look like a girl because girls must illicit more sympathy. Re. the kite, you gradually learn these things, after trying to good things and realising that you are just causing more pain. What a life hey!

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