As seen in Durbar Square


Today I have relocated from the sticks of Kathmandu to a place right on Durbar Square (Londonites – this feels like moving from Slough to Covent Garden!) It was so wonderful wandering around the square without lugging anything around with me (this photo was taken yesterday when I had my camera on me).  And it is so good when the security guards stop me and ask me to pay 300 rupees as a tourist tax to be able to say “Actually I’m living here”.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with my camera here – it’s just so teeming with life, from the various vendors selling everything from brass pots to strange instruments, to the kids running around after school, weaving in and out of the wares on display. I even get to visit the ‘living princess’ each day at 4pm. Okay, I just see her for 2 minutes when she makes a brief appearance at the window, but it’s supposed to bring you luck and after seeing her I stumbled across an even better place to stay on the square – practically a whole apartment for a steal of a price. So, thanks Kumari Devi for your help on that one! (Like this gentleman in this picture, I’m feeling rather pleased with myself today!)


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