Weekly photo challenge (theme of the week): Nostalgic


This scene is one of my favourite pictures that I have taken on my regular treks while working as a photographer and trek leader at Banjara Camp in Himachal Pradessh, India, for the past month. Tomorrow I move on to pastures new, so naturally I am feeling nostalgic about the wonderful time that I have spent living and working here.

I think the solitary cow also represents how I feel right now too: I’m having a moment’s pause for reflection on what a wonderful few weeks it has been here, but also feeling a little bit alone in that gap before I make new friends at my next destination.

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14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge (theme of the week): Nostalgic

  1. I’ve seen similar scenes in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming (with different breeds of cattle, though.) Our experience is that the cows or calves or both will then run down the middle of the road, bawling and kicking, as if you’re the one inconveniencing them. :-)

    Enjoy the next stage of your journey,


  2. beautiful post! those inward moments are important, though at times they remind us that we’re alone in our journey (but hopefully not lonely!) by moving on, we continue to add special people to our ever-growing circle of friends. z

    1. Beautifully put, thanks! Yes, as a perpetual traveller of late I have learned that new destinations mean new special people entering my life. I have been blessed with meeting some amazing, beautiful people in recent years, many of whom I am still in touch with thanks to social media. So, I feel that my ever growing circle of friends is behind me as I take brave new steps to the next port of call. Which allows me to embrace these moments of contemplation, thankfulness and expectation, rather than feeling lonely.

      1. si! we’re so lucky that we’ve seen so much, met so many unique people, and become wiser from each new experience! i’m about to leave for the day but look forward to being back tonight and enjoying some of your posts.

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