Gentle person


My time in Thanedhar is coming to a close far too quickly and I realise with each passing day that I am going to really miss the place. Not only do I enjoy being at Banjara Camp with the friendly owners, staff and guests – helping people with their photography and taking them out on treks, but I’ll miss the local people too – including my new friends Kartik and Annu, with whom I have just been on an extremely pleasant late-afternoon stroll. And then there are the people whose names I don’t know but who always make my day when they stop and let me take their photograph.

Yesterday there was the fiesty little old lady who who kept thwacking me on the arm with delight when I showed her the photo I had just taken, and when I took another she was so happy that she gave me a hug that closely resembled a head lock. Today’s treat was this lovely gentleman who had a lovely twinkle in his eye and such a wonderful moustache that I simply had to photograph him. He was happy to comply but, never mind that his hat was a bit askew and a button was undone, he needed to be sure that his moustache was looking good in the picture. Well I don’t know about you, but I think it is looking superb!


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