Abandoned rickshaw

When I first came to Varanasi I would take pictures of the ghats all the time. Now I love to tour the back streets of what is after all arguably the oldest city in the world so full of character. If I’m feeling brave I will enter the grounds of old properties that are full of character. Today I came across some abandoned rickshaws in an overgrown garden, including this one.



2 thoughts on “Abandoned rickshaw

  1. As your photographs are generally from around Kedar-Chowki Ghats (my ancestral house is near Hanuman Ghat), and I don’t recognize the background, so please mention where exactly this overgrown garden is.

    1. I don’t know exactly where it is but it is a short walk by road from Shivala. There are old Colonial buildings in the grounds including a grand entrance from the road and there is a large temple at the back that is still in use – it may even be an ashram. A wedding had taken place the day before I visited so it appears that the grounds are used for events. Next time I am passing I will ask the name of the place.

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