Milan in the snow

Weekly photo challenge: delicate

I think that the winter, especially when there is snow, has the effect of making things look so much more delicate – from the skeleton trees to the people wrapped up in layers to protect themselves from the cold. The fences look like lattice-work and even the monuments look finer when powdered with snow.



14 thoughts on “Milan in the snow

  1. More beautiful than any Christmas card, Eleanor. It is so well composed with your eye traveling from the building to the people near the bridge to the people and dogs in the foreground and then back around to the trees. Perfect!!. -margo

    1. Hi Margo, it’s funny you should pick up on that because I thought the same today when I posted it – that I liked the way the various markers guided you into the monument and then back out again. Trust you, being an artist, to observe it too! Thanks for the feedback.

    2. By the way Margo I should have said that, funnily enough, I have been selling this image as a Christmas card in Milan, along with another nice one also taken in the park that I’ll post another day – maybe even Christmas Day!

    1. A fair question and an appropriate one for you Vastly Curious! It was taken in the Parque Sempione in Milan, Italy. The monument in the distance is the Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace). Funnily enough, although that photo was taken in February, it is snowing here right now – so I could be heading back to the park tomorrow!

      1. Yes, Milan isn’t generally on the map as one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, but it has some special parts. I’m glad I’ve helped promote it’s finer qualities a bit!

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