Crete Senesi landscape, Tuscany

Tuscany is very beautiful but without transport you’re really stuck. I’ve not driven much in my life as it wasn’t really necessary living in London. But I realised I had to bite the bullet and hire a car if I was going to get out and do the Tuscan landscape justice. So I conquered my fear and this photo comes from my first solo excursion this morning in the little Fiat Punto that I have rented. It felt great, especially driving down the famous Tuscan white-stone roads. With all the dust that I created I’m beginning to understand why they hired me a white car!

I’m itching to go out and take some evening shots now – but with England vs Italy in the Euro cup tonight I have other pressing matters at hand. A local village is putting up a big screen and laying on an alfresco dinner for the game. They did the same for the last Italian qualifier and it was a lot of fun. I’m half hoping that Italy wins so that they’ll keep on doing it!


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