Weekly photo challenge: Close

This photo has a bit of a dark side – it isn’t your usual happy, feel good picture of a close family unit. It’s almost as if the father is trying to protect his son from something. The photo was taken in Cuba, which gives added resonance to the American bandana that the boy is using as a kind of comfort blanket. Somehow I don’t think the Cuban tourist board will clamouring to use it for marketing purposes!

The picture isn’t posed – I was walking past and was so struck by their powerful image that I asked to take a photo. I had one chance and fortunately it came out well. I’m so glad that the boy or dog didn’t turn to look at the camera and that the father didn’t smile. He just nodded his head, I took the photo and moved on. But the image stays with me.


6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Close

  1. Love it!
    This photo reminds me so much of a photo I took in Africa of a toddler at the doorway of a hut. I have the painting 3/4 completed.

  2. Such a moving version of the challenge. As a parent, I kind of felt what the father is feeling. Protecting our kids, keeping them safe is one of our major priorities. Beautiful post.

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