Feeling the Sunshine, Cuba


7 thoughts on “Feeling the Sunshine, Cuba

  1. yay, another Duotone Blog!! :)
    and a wonderful mood in this image. so many stories, but my favourite is that little girl on the left.
    thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, the thing that makes me smile is that the mothers, who are busy looking after the little ones up ahead, are oblivious to how happy the older girl at the back is.

  2. I agree, there is nothing quite so wonderful as a sunny day. And from the little girl’s reaction I got the impression that even the Cubans appreciate it – and they get it pretty much all year round. So I can imagine how much it is enjoyed if it only happens for a third of the year (it sounds a lot like Britain actually!)

  3. that is such a sunny photo, indeed. I took a walk like that this morning, the kind of sun drenched morning that makes you want to shout “Thank you God for this day!” And that is saying a lot where I live, considering we get only like 140 sunny days a year.

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